What You Need To Know

Ten things you need to know before purchasing a greenslip.

  1. There are seven insurers in NSW who provide greenslips.
  2. Regardless of the insurer, greenslips are the same. The only exception is the At Fault Driver Cover, which is an additional benefit that is provided by only some of the insurers.
  3. It is important to shop around since greenslip prices can vary greatly.
  4. A link to the MAA’s greenslip calculator is provided on this website.
  5. Our website calculator allows you to compare prices. Alternatively, you can use the greenslip price comparison service operated by the Motor Accident Authority, or you can manually contact each insurer.
  6. Our ………… calculator will supply you with prices for each of the seven greenslip insurers based on your vehicle information and details. The calculator additionally provides contact details for these insurers, and an insurer-by-insurer comparison of discounts on other products, ease of access for purchasing your greenslip and At Fault Driver Cover benefits.
  7. Not all insurers are equipped with an online service that provides quotes and a medium for purchasing greenslips.
  8. While only some insurers have branches and shopfronts, every insurer has a call centre service.
  9. Our website contains a detailed analysis of every insurer on the basis of additional features, and also ease of purchase online, by phone and in person.
  10. Greenslips and registration renewal are available on a 6 or 12 month basis for many vehicle types. This website provides information on these vehicle types and how to obtain a renewal.