Factors To Consider

Other Factors to Consider When Selecting a CTP Greenslip Insurer.

Aside from the overall cost, there are various other factors worth taking into consideration before you purchase your CTP Greenslip.


At Fault Driver Cover
At Fault Driver Cover is a noteworthy additional feature. Out of the seven insurers, four provide this benefit.

A detailed explanation of At Fault Driver Cover, as well as an insurer-by-surer analysis of At Fault Driver Cover is provided on this website. 

Product Bundling
Two of the seven insurers (NRMA and GIO) will provide discounts on other products if you purchase your CTP greenslip with them.

NRMA Insurance offers Multi-Policy discounts on various insurance products between 5% and 12.5%, if you bundle your CTP Greenslip and other products with them.

GIO offers a $50.00 discount off your Comprehensive Insurance if you have a No Claim Discount of at least 60% on your Comprehensive Insurance.

An insurer-by-insurer comparison of the discounts offered is available on this site.

6 Month CTP Greenslip and Registration Renewal

For most common vehicle types, you can purchase your CTP Greenslip and renew your registration for six months instead of twelve months.

Whilst there is no difference in overall price, the bi-annual payments may help with cash flow.

Should you choose to renew your registration for six months, the RTA permits you to do this either online or over the phone. In the event of renewing your registration for six months, your CTP Greenslip will also need to be for six months.

Further information on registration renewal and purchasing a CTP Greenslip for six months is available on this site.

In addition to At Fault Driver Cover, Discounts and six month registration renewal, there are various other factors that may influence your choice of insurer. These include brand loyalty and ease of access to branches for payment in person.