True or False – Clearing up Greenslip Fables!

It’s time to clear up those myths about acquiring your greenslip.

  1. There are seven insurers in NSW who can supply you with a CTP Greenslip. Some insurers may have brokers or agents, but all can directly deal with purchasers. Further information and contact details for these particular insurers are available on this site.
  2. All greenslips are essentially the same with the exception of a provision called At Fault Driver Cover. This added benefit – excluding price variations between the insurers – is the only differentiating feature of a CTP Greenslip. Four of the seven insurers can provide At Fault Driver Cover. More information on At Fault Driver Cover is offered on this site, in addition to a side-by-side comparison of each insurer. Furthermore, our greenslip calculator will provide you with relevant information about At Fault Driver Cover.
  3. The method you choose to purchase your greenslip will not impact the price an insurer sets on it. Whether it is via telephone, online or in-person, your greenslip price will be based solely on the relevant information about the vehicle and driver that you supply the insurer with. The price will also remain the same even if you deal with a broker or an agent instead of the insurer directly. The Motor Accident Authority (MAA) has stringent requirements and monitors this carefully. Any breaches of this requirement should be reported to the MAA.
  4. It is important to shop around when purchasing a greenslip. This is because there are various factors insurers take into consideration when calculating the price they will charge for a greenslip. Each insurer has their own pricing strategy. None of them manage to be the cheapest across all purchaser profiles – hence why it is worth your while to investigate each option to find which one is the most cost-effective for you.
  5. It is prohibited for any organisation to claim to offer greenslip prices or products that differ from those directly available from insurers.
  6. 6.Once a greenslip purchase has been approved, the insurer will advise the RTA electronically. Depending on clearance of funds, the RTA will be notified within 30 to 60 minutes of the successful greenslip purchase.